JC Townsend prepares newest EP with stripped back single, "Breathe and Dive"

With an all new EP set for release on December 17th, JC Townsend has given the fans exactly what they needed in the form of a new single, titled “Breathe and Dive”. Please read on for our glowing review of the track, as well as a refresher on this talented artist.

For those out of the loop, JC Townsend is a singer and songwriter from Vancouver, Canada that continuously imparts all his passion and soul into his unique sounding music. With another EP coming out in just a couple weeks, he’s shared an incredibly heartwarming song called “Breathe and Dive” that we haven’t been able to turn off since we first heard it. If this is your introduction into his music, you’re in for a huge treat.

To fully prepare for Bonefires, the new EP, “Breathe and Dive” has given an interesting perspective and take on where exactly JC Townsend’s sound and style have gone. Always continuing to evolve in one way or another, this song specifically is more of a stripped back approach in that it’s just JC, his acoustic guitar, and silky smooth vocals telling a story. If anything, we came out of our initial listen with that intimate feeling, like he was talking directly to us in a way.

While we can’t believe it’s been more than a year since we reviewed his EP Ghosts, it’s really nice to see him back and in top form. His vocals have improved, the songwriting and visualization were perfect, and ultimately he’s piqued our interest and excitement into the new record coming. What’s even cooler is that coming in January 2022, you can expect a limited run 7-inch vinyl single (B side) to compliment the digital release. 

The hopes for JC are that listeners across the globe will be able to connect in one way or another. In our opinion, literally anyone with a heart or soul could make a connection with the greatness that he’s putting out into the world. As simple as the song is on the outside, the complexities really show through in the humanity that comes across. We love this song and we’re not afraid to say it!