JC Townsend Releases A Heartfelt Single

JC Townsend returns with a new single that puts out an emotional and descriptive feel that fills the air around you with warmth and appreciation. 

"Breathe and Dive" is a beautiful singer songwriter track that really shines in the way of performance both vocal and guitar wise as everything is dripping with passion and love. This song makes you feel good and it's chorus is more than memorable and as you get deeper into the song you begin to feel the heartbreak. 

This is a love letter to a former lover that really could only be let loose in the form of song and it almost gives a sense of relief by the end. A love lost but, it's going to be okay, song. It's okay to remember the things that were wonderful about the relationship no matter where it may be now. 

JC Townsend has a knack for writing songs that tug at the heartstrings and really hit a certain sweet spot every damn time. The songwriting and sound has a folk feel but also touches on artists like Elliot Smith at times. He lays out outstanding harmonies and melodies that just stick with you forever it seems. 

It's really his complete honesty that gets you. Townsend says things that you think but never know how to say really. This is something that makes his songs incredibly relatable and touching. They are brave songs and they are all emotionally driven and you find yourself thinking of memories of your own. You can't help it. His songs just open that door and things start flooding in. It's really quite a beautiful thing and its not something you come across all the time.

"Breathe and Dive" is a perfect example of all of this. 

His back catalog also boasts this feel and style and it's a game changer. It's a mood changer. It makes you think.The single is part of an upcoming EP release set to show up on Spotify and everywhere else on Dec 17th but you can get your fix starting with this one right now.